Feeling ‘Passionate’ about Lush’s Liquid Lipsticks

Feeling ‘Passionate’ about Lush’s Liquid Lipsticks
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LUSH’s Liquid Lipsticks are part of their ‘Emotional Brilliance’ range.  The idea is that you go in store, spin a colour wheel and pick out the colours that catch your attention.  These then correspond to different products in store.  I think the idea is a bit gimmicky but I loved the colour of this so had to try it out!

The doe-foot applicator makes it really easy to line the lips before filling them in.  I like the packaging of this product as it stands out from my other lipsticks.
This is Passionate applied to the lips.  It is really pigmented but also moisturising as it contains organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax.  The pink is super bright and it also has a blue/purple undertone to it.
You can also wear this colour slightly muted.  I would recommend applying some lip balm first and then wiping most of the colour off the applicator before lightly buffing it onto the lips.
This is a super fun colour that is perfect for a girly night out or just when you want to feel a bit special.  It does stain your lips though, so whilst it is perfect for a bright all-day colour, be prepared to scrub a bit to remove it all.
Passionate is available from LUSH and retails for £14.50.