19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through

19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through
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19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through

1. Thinking this time it’s going to be different and you’ll start your essays early. Oh how naively optimistic you are.

2. Feeling loaded when your student loan comes in only for it to go straight back out on rent. Being a grown up sucks.

3. Constantly texting or calling Mum with questions. How long does chicken keep in the fridge? Do stripes go in the light or dark wash? Oh who am I kidding, just chuck everything in the washing machine.

4. Worrying more about the optimum time to leave pre-drinks and head to the club so it is suitably busy but not with a huge queue, than the time your lecture starts.

5. Fooling yourself into thinking you’ll still make your 9am seminar when your friend convinces you to come out.

6. Actually turning up to that two hour seminar at 9am on Beowulf and realising it was the worst idea in the world. Should’ve stayed in bed.

7. Finishing a page of secondary reading and realising you only understood every other word.


19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through

8. Attempting to do all the reading only to discover that Gone with the Wind cannot be read in a day. Oh well, at least you can read a summary on SparkNotes.

9. Panicking when the book is too obscure to be on SparkNotes. What am I going to do now? Will I actually have to read the whole book?!

10. Having one too many vodka-lemonades and thinking you are the best dancer this nightclub has ever seen. Ummm boys can you move away please, I’ve already got my girls as my backing dancers and we need space for this Beyoncé number.

19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through

11. Researching what topics are likely to come up in the exam based on past papers and praying to the gods that one of the three you revised comes up.

12. Making up the date on your references so your tutor doesn’t realise you wrote the essay the day before the deadline.

13. Getting to week 6 in the term and realising that school half terms were the best. 12 weeks is too long. I deserve a break. Do I get a reading week? Can I make my own reading week?

14. Looking at the cost of the books on your reading list and working out what the money could be better spent on. Like Wagamamas or a new NARS palette. (PRO TIP – buy them secondhand off eBay or Amazon rather than through uni. Also see if any students from the year above are selling their old books.)


19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through

15. Wanting to be at home when you’re at uni and at uni when you’re home. So much freedom and so many friends at uni but there’s also nothing like your own bed and Mum’s roast dinner.

16. Thinking you’re a genius when the argument in your essay finally comes together at 3am, only to read it back and discover it’s the ramblings of an idiot.

17. Receiving “Ok. Sent from my iPhone” back from a tutor after you spent 20 minutes crafting the perfect email.

18. Trying to justify staying in bed and watching the lecture recording back later. You’ll save time not walking to campus and back so you can focus on your essay (or marathon Grey’s Anatomy…).

19. Getting to the end of uni and realising you have actually achieved quite a lot. Like learning how to pay bills and cook spaghetti bolognese. As well as trying new societies and making lifelong friends. Oh, and getting a degree.

19 Things Every Uni Student Goes Through

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